Race Info

  • On the day registrations will open at 08.30 and will finish at 09:30 sharp. Make sure you get there early as we will close registrations on the dot to allow for pre-race set up.

  • Participants must be 16 years and older to enter and run the 10k race.

  • Children under the age of 11 years participating in the 5k race, need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. It is the adults responsibility for the welfare of the child during the race.

Start time and Regulations

  • The 10km and 5km will start at 10:00am 

  • The kids 2km run will start at approximately 11:20

  • Listen to the marshals at all times. They are there for your safety. We reserve the right to remove any participant who does not obey a marshals directive/s.

  • No headphones to be worn during the race. This is for your safety.

  • There will be toilets available in the Playing Fields club house.

  • There will be first aid available for any minor bumps, bruises and cuts. 

  • There will be a water station at the half way mark of the 10km (after a lovely up hill battle!)

  • Refreshments and cakes will be available to buy on the day.

  • The route is undulating and hilly, with a mixture of trail, tarmac, dirt and single tracks. It is challenging but beautiful.

  • There is a single road crossing at the start and finish of the 5km and 10km race. Please listen and obey marshals. We do not have the right to stop traffic.

  • There are multiple obstacles on the course - overhanging trees, rough terrain underfoot, mud, holes and ruts caused by farm equipment. Please wear appropriate footwear and be aware of the terrain, especially the overhanging branches.

  • The course will be marked with km markers, tape, signs, and we will have marshals on the course to help guide you.

 Brief route overview (approximate metres)

  • Both the 5k and 10k start at Wherwell School Playing Field.

  • The first 500m is a quick half lap of the field, followed by a run through Dublin Farm before crossing the only road of the race.

  • You will go under a tunnel, followed by a long gentle climb across farmland before a sharp right, up a steep incline followed by a sharp left to bring you back to the top of the paddocks.

  • You will follow the tree line on your left for about 100m before taking an easy S-bend through the trees and following the paddock edge on your left.

  • Approximately 100m later you will take a sharp right and follow the Farm road down the hill.

  • The 5km and 10km will then split their merry ways

  • The 5km will turn left and run through the forest for about 1km before taking a sharp left and joining up with the 10k (see below for the last 2k route)

  • The 10k will follow the road before taking a hard right and running down the old military road for approx 800m

  • At the wire gate across the road, you will then take a sharp left and enter the forest for a gentle climb up until you reach another military road. Watch your footing up this sections as there are trees crossing the path.

  • At the military road you will take a hard left and follow the road straight, passed tree runners on your right. This is tarmac.

  • Follow the road straight until it ends and joins a single lane path. Don't follow the road around to the right.

  • Follow the path as it drops down through some overhanging trees, until the end and you'll be back into the paddocks. Be aware of nettle, low hanging branches and a mighty big hole next to the fallen tree!

  • Follow the paddocks edge up the hill and through a small copse and a short run across a paddock, before taking a sharp right and heading down towards the golf course. Don't forget to enjoy the view.

  • At the golf course fire break, take a sharp left and head up the hill for a gut buster.

  • At the top of the hill you will see the Water Station! Enjoy.

  • Take a sharp left and head down the gentle hill *You're on the home stretch!*

  • Follow the forest trail until you hit the open paddocks, and then head straight across the paddocks until you join up with the farm road.

  • Cross the farm road and then into the paddock clearing on your right.

  • Follow this track back into the forest for approx 800m.

  • You will then join up with the 5k, who will be coming towards you.

  • 5k and 10k - Take a left up the steep but short hill

  • When you get to the top turn sharp left and follow the single path through the trees. The paddocks will be on your right,

  • At the end of the trail about 400m, turn sharp right

  • Follow the paddock edge (paddocks will be on your right) and go through the S-Bend that you came through at the start of the race.

  • At the sign, take a sharp right and head down the steep hill and make your way home towards the finish

  • Go through the tunnel, listen to the marshalls, and then claim the glory.

  • Easy!


The Harewood Forest Fun Run event site is at the Wherwell Playing fields SP11 7JP. Please drive slowly through Wherwell Village as there will be a lot of traffic passing through.

From the A303:

Travelling east (towards London), take the Longparish exit (next to the BP Buck Service). Once you have left the A303, take the first left which will cross via an overbridge back over the A303. At the T-junction, turn right and follow the road until you get to the Wherwell Playing fields which will be on your left.

Travelling west (towards Salisbury), take the Longparish exit (be careful and take it slow as this turn is quite sharp). Follow the road until you get to the Wherwell Playing fields which will be on your left.

From A3057 (Stockbridge)

From Stockbridge navigate towards the A3057. Once on the A3057 head towards Andover. Keep on this road until you reach the signs​ for Cottonworth. At he sign for Cottonworth, turn right onto Fullerton road, and follow this road until a T junction next to the White Lion pub. Turn right and follow this road straight (don't turn off at the sharp bend!) You will see signs for the school (20 is plenty).


There will be onsite parking available. You will be directed to a parking space on the field on the day by marshals. 

About Us

The two organisations that directly benefit from the proceeds of the race are:


The Wherwell Playing Fields Association

Wherwell Playing Fields was founded in 1950 as a charitable trust responsible to Wherwell Parish Council and has since managed and developed the facilities for all in the community. These facilities include: Football and Cricket pitches, Tennis Court, Children’s Play Area,Chilbolton Pre-School and Parking Area. The facilities are available to the local community. https://www.wherwellcc.co.uk

Wherwell Primary School
The school is fortunate to have outstanding grounds consisting of a large field, surrounded by mature trees for summer shade, adventure playgrounds for both infants and juniors and picnic tables. The children benefit greatly from the rural location of the school. This invaluable opportunity to explore nature and develop an appreciation for the environment enhances their personal growth and provides and the opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. www.wherwellprimary.co.uk