Fundraising At School

Film Club

Thank you to everyone who supported us in last year. We are very pleased to share with you that approximately £80 was raised for the year. Film Club for 2020 is currently on hold for the near future.

Apple Juice from our Orchard

100% natural apple juice pressed from apples picked from the school orchard. Apple Juice bottles cost £2.50 each or 12 bottles for £30. We are happy to make local deliveries when purchasing a box of 12 bottles. The apple juice makes a wonderful gift and a healthy treat.

Bags to School

We all have clothing in our wardrobes that we haven’t worn in ages! In a world of fast fashion, we now have a lot of stuff – but when it comes to a clear out what do you do to make sure the environment comes off best?

Bag2School has the answer – they’ve been helping schools for over 15 years and in the process paid out over £28 million to PTAs and Friends of School Groups and many other organisations. The More it Weighs the More it Pays.

On Friday 6th July 2018 the Wherwell PTA received a healthy cheque to the amount of £160. Well done and thank you for the generous and kind donations.

Our next Bags2School collection will be on ...... 

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